Behind the Bean:  Roasters Next Door

Behind the Bean: Roasters Next Door

It has been a real treat to serve a wonderfully unique Tanzanian Peaberry coffee via Roasters Next Door in Joel's hometown of Roanoke, VA as our featured guest roaster for January 2021.

Roasters Next Door was founded by brothers Quincy & Steffon Randolph on the belief that every neighborhood needs community spaces to come together.  Steffon’s experience as a coffee roaster and Quincy’s experience as a chef at Michelin star restaurants led them to combine talents and open RND Coffee Lounge in the Wasena neighborhood nestled along the Roanoke River that flows through downtown.

"We want everyone to feel welcome here. Great coffee and delicious food shouldn’t be intimidating." - Steffon Randolph


Roasters Next Door Tanzania Coffee

We're serving their offering from the Mbozi region of Tanzania:

  • Country of Origin: Tanzania
  • Region: Mbozi
  • Producer: The Igamba Mill
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1,500 MASL
  • Varietals: Bourbon, Ken, Arusha

We taste delicious notes of syrupy french toast on the front end that lingers into a sweet jammy finish with hints of tart grapefruit.

The Igamba Mill was founded in 1983 and currently serves about 200 smallholder producers in the area, each of whom owns about 1 hectare of land. Coffees are delivered to the mill where they are fermented for 48 hours dry before being washed once and spread on raised drying tables for an average of 12 days' drying time.

From the Roasters Next Door (RND) team: Currently our favorite coffee in house. The cup is clean, crisp, and delicate. Our preferred preparation for the coffee is pourover, but it makes excellent drip coffee as well. As the coffee cools, the sweetness begins to dominate and it becomes a cup of new spring flavors. When brewed as an iced pour over, the berry flavors dominate and it's almost like drinking a melted citrus snowcone.

Come in by the end of January and let us brew you a cup on pour over or scoop a bag to enjoy at home yourself!

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