Sightsee is moving in 2024!

Sightsee is moving in 2024!

Exciting news, fam! SIGHTSEE IS MOVING!!! 

We are thrilled to share that Sightsee is relocating to the corner of Rutledge and Cleveland, right across from Hampton Park, later this Spring. It’s a dream come true to become the anchor tenant in this beautiful historic building at the heart of our own neighborhood. 

Our tiny, hidden gem of a space on Line Street was the perfect place for us to start: we’ve weathered the pandemic here, learned and iterated and improved (as a business and as people), hosted countless events, and made lifelong connections with our community. We have faced practically every hurdle imaginable and accomplished A LOT in 475 square feet. But it is time for an evolution. 

The thing is, attributes like “tiny,” and “hidden gem,” are charming, but they also make it challenging for us to grow into something that doesn’t just survive, but thrives. To be totally transparent, in 2023 we realized we would either need to close Sightsee in 2024, or move to a location that would allow us to grow. We are so grateful the stars aligned and it’s the latter, because there is so much more we’ve yet to accomplish. 

We can’t wait to welcome y’all into Sightsee 2.0, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we have an official opening date. In the meantime, we hope you’ll continue to come see us on Line Street – we are so grateful for your continued support to help us keep pushing forward these next few months. 

PS…here are answers to a few FAQs: 

  • We hope to move a few months from now! But the space is still under renovation and timelines may change. When we know an actual date, we will tell you! 
  • We will have some indoor seating! Plus a beautiful outdoor patio tucked behind the building. 
  • We won’t have a kitchen on-site, but plan to expand our grab & go options provided by local vendors. 
  • We will have a lot more inventory and even a fitting room to try on apparel: woohoo! 
  • There will be four other wonderful local retailers in the surrounding ground floor units, plus creative studios and offices upstairs. 
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