Vibe Check: Issue 1

Vibe Check: Issue 1

If you’ve ever stepped foot in Sightsee, you’ve probably left with at least three recommendations from our team about what to read, eat, listen to, or do. It’s one of our favorite parts of the job - sharing the things we love with y’all! That’s why we’re introducing a new monthly feature called Vibe Check.

Every month, the Sightsee team will share what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to, and doing, and we’d love to hear from you as well! 


  • Allyson: I just finished Burn Rate, a memoir by the co-founder of Bonobos about his experience building a start-up while navigating his bipolar disorder.
  • Joel: I was introduced to Emocean magazineon our last trip to Venice and am loving the latest issue, particularly the photography and the interview with Selema.
  • Carlo: When I was unpacking at my new place, I found The Dead Zone by Stephen King, which I’m working on finishing now.
  • Suzi: I’ve been working my way through Eve Babitz’s work, most recently Black Swans, a collection of her essays about Hollywood in the 80s and 90s.


  • Carlo: I’ve been working my way through Mob Psycho, a traditional Shonen anime about a psychic teenanger trying to navigate middle school. It’s a funny coming of age story with beautiful animation.
  • Joel: I’ve been loving Loot, the most wholesome and hilarious joint to hit Apple TV Plus since Ted Lasso.  If you are a Maya Rudolph fan do not miss it.
  • Suzi: I’ve been shamefully working my way through Riverdale. Nothing makes me forget about the world’s problems quite like watching the cast of Riverdale attempt to make a Hedwig and the Angry Inch musical episode make sense.
  • Allyson: Season 3 of Trying just came out on Apple TV Plus, and I’ve been loving it. It’s the most endearing British comedy about a couple’s journey to parenthood.

Listening to

  • Suzi: Currently, I’m hyperfixating on Chappell Roan’s latest single, “Femininomenon,” which is best listened to in the car at full blast on a sunny afternoon.
  • Allyson: I recently had to deal with chaotic cross-country air travel and listened to A Beginner’s Mind by Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine on repeat. This album always soothes my anxiety. And of course RENAISSANCE by Beyonce. That’s just obvious.
  • Carlo: I’ve been listening to Child’s Play by Alice Phoebe Lou a lot recently. She’s done such a great job of creating music that sounds new and fresh, not just following the recipe of what already exists.
  • Joel: Black Thought has arguably been the world’s best rapper for around 30 years, but his new album Cheat Codes with Danger Mouse is on another level.


  • Suzi: Recently, I’ve been super into Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. It’s the best way to unwind after standing behind the bar all day!
  • Carlo: My friends at J. Stark gifted me with some fabric scraps, and I’m working on sewing them into a piece large enough to cut a pattern from.
  • Allyson: I’ve been trying to reach Genius level on the NYT Spelling Bee every day.
  • Joel: Learning Portuguese on Duolingo. “O cachorro nâo ferve a uva.”

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