Third Anniversary Sunday Celebrations

Third Anniversary Sunday Celebrations

SIGHTSEE IS TURNING THREE! Mark your calendars for Sunday celebrations on October 16, 23 & 30! 🥳

In the meantime, indulge us in a brief reflection:

When the anniversary is happening, it’s easy to forget how unlikely it was to arrive. As any of your favorite small business owners will tell you, it’s never a guarantee that they’ll be celebrating another year at all.

It takes pretty much everything you have every day for 365 days straight to toast another year in business.

So many things threaten to bring the dream to a screeching halt: unforeseen expenses, rising rent, slow months, turnover, burnout, and on and on until you’re coming apart at the seams. Especially through these past few years of complete and total economic, social, and political upheaval.

Sightsee is no exception. When you open a few months before a global pandemic, it doesn’t feel like a first birthday is possible. Much less a second or a third.

We’re not the people we were in 2019 and Sightsee is not the shop it was in 2019, either.

What got us through? You.

Sightsee is turning three because of all of you who have vibed with us not just through the ups but also the downs (and, damn, there’ve been a lot of those). Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how we feel.

Please mark your calendars this month because we’re gearing up some pretty epic Sightsee Sundays to celebrate year three, to kick back with our amazing team, and to raise a glass to YOU, our community, for helping make this milestone possible! 💛
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