The Sightsee Team Gift Picks

The Sightsee Team Gift Picks

Whether you're shopping for your beach-loving best friend, your wanderlusting cousin, or your partner who's always happiest when something totally unique lands under the tree/Menorah, our hope is that you'll be able to find the perfect gift at Sightsee. 

While it's a little hard for us to pick a favorite product in the shop (that's kind of like asking us to pick a favorite kid), our team has rounded up a few of our top gift picks for the holiday season. Check out what we recommend below:   

Erin's Picks:

  • Studio Sontosis tumbler: This handmade ceramic cup is so cute, and it's great for any kind of beverage (preferably coffee or wine).
  • Nipomo blankets: These sustainably-made blankets are perfect for your friend who's spent all of the pandemic outdoors! It'll make every picnic or park date stylish and cozy.
  • Everyday Oil: This does-it-all product is truly the perfect gift for everyone in your life. My partner uses it as beard oil, and I love using it to keep my skin moisturized in the colder months.

Joel's Picks:

  • Candylab Arizona RV: This RV reminds me of the road trip Allyson and I took to the Southwest a few years ago and keeps me dreaming about the next one. 
  • Sightsee Socks: A critical element in my ongoing effort to look like I was plucked out of the 1970s, whether on or off the sportsball court. Made-in-USA and perfectly cozy for the retro-sartorial enthusiast in your life. 
  • Combo Coffee Gift Subscription: Everyone loves happy mail and THIS is happy mail on another level. Not only will they receive our featured guest and Springbok coffees each month for three months straight, they'll get our Sightsee Zine, roaster swag, and other fun surprises. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

Suzi's Picks:

  • Kinfield Golden Hour: This all-natural bug spray was this summer's saving grace - it smells great, and truly keeps the mosquitoes at bay!
  • Kinto Tumbler: The sunny color of the mustard Kinto Day Off tumbler makes me want to bike around Hampton Park on a brisk afternoon.
  • The Sticky Lemon Small Envelope Backpack: This playful, waterproof backpack is the perfect size for your everyday essentials AND manages to carry every outfit on its back as well. 

Allyson's Picks: 

  • "summerSLUMP" Print: Around this time, I realllllly start missing summer - the greatest season of the year. This signed collage print by Anthony Zinonos will lift the spirits and bring a bit of sunshine to your walls no matter the temperature outside. 
  • Kinfield Waterbalm: This is one of my daily essentials to keep my skin hydrated during the winter. I use it when my hands are dry (which is always, especially with lots of extra handwashing), and swipe it across my face as an easy, soothing moisturizer. It's non-greasy and smells like green tea and aloe! 
  • Monocle Shops, Kiosks, and Markets: I miss traveling so much I could ugly cry. This extraordinary book (the photos! the illustrations! the poppy cover color!) helps me explore independent shops around the world and keeps me feeling inspired while staying home. 

Happy gifting! 

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