Behind the Bean: Three Keys Coffee & Congo Square

Behind the Bean: Three Keys Coffee & Congo Square

We are so honored to be offering Congo Square from Three Keys Coffee in Houston, TX this month on our pour over bar. ⁠

We were drawn to Tio & Kenzel's approach⁠ to coffee from the moment we read their claim "If Dizzy, Basquiat, & Elijah McCoy roasted coffee, it would taste like Three Keys."  True to their word, be sure to enjoy the "Congo Square" coffee along with the vibrant sounds of New Orleans Jazz by listening to the "Congo Square" playlist they've curated on Spotify.

Tio Kenzel Fallen Three Keys Coffee Houston TX

There's no ignoring the fact that coffee is complex. It isn't just good or bad. It is both a global mechanism of theft, slavery, and exploitation dating back centuries and a wonderful agricultural product that elevates both the quality of life and standard of living of its participants.⁠

Congo Square embodies both realities and delivers a tasting experience as complex as the story of coffee itself. Three Keys Coffee dubbed this offering "Congo Square" - known as the birthplace of jazz - where black slaves in New Orleans were allowed to gather on Sunday afternoons to play music and dance. Congo Square itself was named for the Democratic Republic of Congo - the 11th biggest country on the planet - that was colonized by Belgium and to the present day experiences violent military conflict and human rights abuses. In the midst of that turmoil, women-and-minority-owned Mighty Peace Coffee has developed a global trade model serving 15,000 farmers in the DRC that promotes quality of life, sustainability, and peace. ⁠

Mighty Peace Coffee Team

Three Keys Coffee roasted this Congolese coffee to perfection for a flavor profile that is at once sweet and herbaceous while just acidic enough to wake you up and make you think.⁠  

Coffee is changing the world no matter what. Join us in helping to make it a world we want. Come in for a cup and buy a bag to enjoy at home. ⁠

Be sure to check out our fantastic chat with Tio & Kenzel on IGTV as well!  You'll be glad you did.

Instagram Live with Sightsee Three Keys Coffee


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