Backyard Beach Club

Backyard Beach Club

We've been fans of Daps Breakfast & Imbibe since their popup days, so naturally, we jumped at the chance to board USS Friendship Plates for a summertime beverage collaboration. All we needed was a theme...

Even if you have only the slightest familiarity with Sightsee, you surely know that we love the beach. It's on our top five list along with coffee, the beach, dogs, the beach, and the beach.  That's why it was especially tough that, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, we were all (appropriately) prevented from congregating on those beloved stretches of sand and waves.  

Determined to enjoy the sun & water somehow, we decided to bring the beach to us with an 8-foot inflatable pool complete with bench seat, backrest, and cup holders.  Is it the same as an afternoon on Sullivan's Island?  Not quite but...if you take a sip of sparkling beverage, close your eyes, sink a little lower into the shallow water, and pretend the hum of traffic is just the tide coming in, well, you'd be forgiven for losing precise track of your location. 

Our beverage collaboration with Daps, appropriately dubbed the "Backyard Beach Club," is a toast to these days of savoring the little joys - however absurd it may get - while protecting our community in a pandemic.  As you sip the refreshing blend of cava, mango, and blanc vermouth, may you too be reminded to savor the good things in life - no matter what. Get yourself a can (or a 4-pack) at Daps...every order includes our custom Backyard Beach Club koozie! 

Daps Sightsee Backyard Beach Club

And while we're on the topic, here's our Very Official Inflatable Pool Buying Guide for those of you looking to set up your own Backyard Beach Club: 

It's true, being able to spend relatively little money and have a pool in your own backyard sounds like a dream come true.  While we love ours, I have to admit there are a few things worth sharing with anyone in the market for an inflatable pool.

  1. Unless you're taking a dip with a herd of elephants, find one in the 6-8 foot diameter range.  You'd be surprised at how much space they can take up.
  2. Buy a powered air pump for inflating/deflating.  Even with an electric pump, the first time you inflate your pool will take a while.
  3. Buy a cover.  You might be surprised just how much random debris falls out of the sky and not all of it is off of trees.  
  4. Be prepared to empty and fill it after every 1-2 uses.  Unless you invest time and money in a pH kit, the water will get uncomfortably murky after several soaks.
  5. Pick your placement wisely. Once you fill the pool with water there's no moving it so inspect the ground for sharp objects and make sure you put a tarp under the pool.  Ours is on our deck so we made sure to put a tarp down to prevent splinters or askew nails from poking into the pool.

For what it's worth, we found this one by Intex on sale and have been very pleased. Whatever you choose, stay safe and have fun out there.  Cheers!

Intex Inflatable Pool Charleston, SC


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