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Zouz Incense

Zouz Incense Cones - Copalo Blend

Zouz Incense Cones - Copalo Blend

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A crisp, woodsy scent to inspire creativity and positive energy. Made with ethically-sourced white copal, red cedar, and palo santo, these incense cones are warm, woodsy, and bright. 

Each box contains 8 all-natural incense cones that are hand-rolled in small batches by Zouz founder Mike Paré in his Milwaukee studio. Zouz incense are non-toxic, made without any charcoals or burning accelerants. Cones stay lit and burn straight through for 20-30 minutes, and the scent lingers for up to 8 hours.

Descriptors: Woodsy, cleansing, resinous, citrusy  

Uses: Uplift your spirit, energize your space. Can be burned at any hour.

Ingredients: White copal, red cedar, palo santo. Every cone is rolled with premium natural aromatics made from whole plants and herbs, tree resins, wood powders, and tinctures. 

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