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Incienso De Santa Fe

Piñon Incense

Piñon Incense

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Pinon is an evergreen tree that grows along the foothills of California's desert mountains, east to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and north to Wyoming. When burned, its bark gives off a rustic, woodsy aroma that will make you feel like you're sitting by a fire in a cozy Southwestern abode.  

Because the briquettes are made purely of the trees they come from (no additives or artificial scents), they fill your space with an earthy fragrance that will linger for days, without being overly perfume-y or overpowering. Each box contains 40 briquettes -- light the end, set on a fire-safe vessel (a ceramic dish or small clay pot/drip tray works), and enjoy! 

All of Incienso De Santa Fe's natural wood incense are manufactured by hand in New Mexico. A family-owned and operated business since 1963, they specialize in natural scents that are unique to the Southwestern US. 

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