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Good Flower Farm

Garden Salve

Garden Salve

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A gardener's best friend, this handcrafted salve by Good Flower Farm nourishes hands that grow beauty. Perfect for gardeners and farmers, but also ideal for anyone who works with their hands regularly, or has dry skin from lots of saltwater or sunshine and needs a little extra care. We love it for travel and outdoor adventures as it doesn't risk leaking like a bottle of lotion -- just toss the tube in your bag and keep your skin happy! 

Garden Salve features farm-grown herbs known for their hydrating and anti-inflammatory skin benefits, such as calendula, comfrey, plantain, lavender, and lemongrass. It carries a delightfully fresh scent thanks to the lavender and lemongrass. 

Ingredients: *Extra virgin olive oil infused with **calendula, **comfrey, & **plantain, beeswax, *lavender essential oil, *lemongrass essential oil, vitamin E oil     

*organic ingredient // **farm-grown herbs


  • Comes in a 2 oz eco-friendly biodegradable paperboard tube
  • To use: gently push up on tube (being careful not to push too hard or you may release too much product) to access desired amount of salve. Use on hands, elbows, feet, cuticles, cuts, and any areas you want to show some extra love. Store upright in a cool, dry place.

Botanical Benefits: 

CALENDULA is one of our favorite herbs for skin, which is why we grow it in abundance on our farm. Calendula is very soothing to the skin and exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and healing properties. Its colorful flowers are rich in flavanoids, which are phytonutrients found in most fruits & vegetables often rich in antioxidants that help the body ward off toxins. 

COMFREY is a skincare powerhouse. We harvest & use the unassuming but prolific leaf of this plant, which contains allantoin, a compound that boosts skin cell regeneration. It can also reduce inflammation and is commonly used to accelerate wound healing.

PLANTAIN is an herb that grows all over, and is often disregarded as a weed. Plantain leaf is a must when it comes to many common skin issues. It is antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory - a go-to for herbalists to quickly assist anything from cuts to bee stings.

LAVENDER not only provides a pleasant scent to this salve, but its addition as a calming, soothing herb helps add balance to this formula and further promote skin repair.

LEMONGRASS is a purifying, detoxifying herb that offers antioxidant properties.


If you're ordering this to ship during warmer months, please note that this product may warm in transit. This means it may come a bit softer when it arrives to you, and there is potential for some oil marks on the packaging due to slight melting. It should not warm enough to melt or harm the product itself. We advise sticking your product in the fridge for about 10 minutes upon arrival to help it reach its intended consistency. 

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