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Ethiopia, Hada Molecha, Coffee Cherry Co-Ferment (8oz)

Ethiopia, Hada Molecha, Coffee Cherry Co-Ferment (8oz)

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Indulge in an extraordinary co-fermented coffee experience unlike any other we've encountered! Through a magical process of melding coffee cherry skins and mucilage-rich parchment, this method unlocks the coffee's ultimate potential, lending a sweet, tart, tea-like profile that reminds us of an Arnold Palmer. 

In addition to sourcing and roasting with utmost care and intentionality, Brandywine features a delightful design by their in-house designer, which is individually screenprinted on each bag. 

**Please note, due to the limited amount of this special coffee, this is an 8oz bag! 

Tasting notes: Key Lime Pie Filling, Black Tea, Jasmine

  • Origin: Hada Molecha, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia 
  • Varietals: 74148, 74110, 74165, 74112
  • Process: Coffee Cherry Co-Fermentation
  • Elevation: 1950-2150 MASL

More about what makes this coffee special...

As is customary with washed coffees, the producers initially separate the coffee pulp, separating the cherry skin from the parchment. However, rather than discarding these skins, they reintroduce them into the fermentation tanks to serve as fuel for fermentation and enzymatic reactions. This is done in a carefully calibrated ratio to maintain balance and consistency.

Coffee Cherry Co-Fermentation, as the name implies, involves combining freshly peeled cherry skins with the mucilage-rich parchment and fermenting the batch together to achieve a specific outcome. This method alters the fermentation process, resulting in a coffee that reflects its full potential, with sweet and tart flavor profiles. 

Coffee Cherry Co-Fermentation embodies a comprehensive approach that maximizes the natural cultures present in the coffee itself, akin to a naturally processed washed coffee. This retains the distinct characteristics of the microclimates and regions while introducing unique flavors tied to the process.

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