Sightsee COVID-19 Safety Policy

Sightsee COVID-19 Safety Policy

Safety Policy

  • Entrance is limited to one party at a time

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED at all times while inside (we'll make your beverages before you head out so you can safely sip outside)

  • Online ordering of all drinks & retail remains available and encouraged

Here's the deal: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to radically adjust how we operate in the world this year and Sightsee is certainly no exception. From the beginning of the outbreak, we have committed to prioritizing the safety of our community over our business goals. We would rather Sightsee be on life support than our customers. 

In keeping with that commitment, we closed the interior of our shop and conducted all transactions through our website for six months.  We did this to minimize congregating at our shop and to enable truly contact-free ordering & pickup.  

Over the last few months, science has provided better information on how the virus spreads and what measures can be taken to prevent it.  Based on that information, we have decided that opening our interior to the public can be done in a way that still minimizes the risk of spreading COVID-19.  

Our policy is fundamentally based on the now-evident fact that airborne transmission presents the greatest risk of contagion.  

Why masks?

We are requiring masks be worn at all times because masks (almost) completely prevent droplets and aerosols from being emitted into the air.  Masks also dramatically reduce the likelihood of breathing in droplets and aerosols emitted by an infected person. Oh, and yes, the mask must cover both the nose and mouth.  

Why limited capacity?

The interior of our shop is extremely small.  Masks are great but they cannot guarantee that no coronavirus particles will make their way out into the room.  Limiting capacity reduces the number of people who could be exposed and allows us to take precautions such as opening windows for fresh air flow in-between customers.  

Why online ordering?

Ordering online at Sightsee is simply the fastest, safest way to get coffee in Charleston. Not only does it bring your risk of exposure down to near zero, it also reduces the wait time for folks that need to enter to place an order.  Our entire coffee & baked goods menu is available as well as all our retail inventory for easy browsing and purchasing.


We remain committed to the safety of our team, our customers, and our community.  We are thankful every day that we get to serve you through the pandemic and hope to do so for many years to come.

See you soon, fam!

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