Feel the Vibe or Unsubscribe

Feel the Vibe or Unsubscribe

Introducing “Feel the Vibe or Unsubscribe”: a new mantra at Sightsee that goes out everyone who is unabashedly themselves regardless of what anyone else thinks. 

From the pandemic to civil rights to political upheaval, the past few years have revealed everyone’s true colors and forced each of us to better understand ourselves.  That has certainly been true at Sightsee. We’re more tuned in to who we are, what we value, and what we want to create. 

Part of that entails the “good vibes” that might come to mind when you think of Sightsee: Coffee. Surfing. Palm trees. Travel. We’ve always wanted Sightsee to exude adventure and curiosity and fun. 

But another big part of that includes our own human experience behind this business – our desire for progress, our care for the community around us, and the impact we hope to make. Simply put: we’ve come to recognize that we aren’t interested in keeping our values quiet for folks who are “just here for the coffee.” 

So we are vocal about mental health. Racial justice. Women’s rights. LGBTQ+ rights. We introduce you to an incredible coffee roaster one day and ask you to call your council person the next. We share a groovy playlist and then loudly denounce white supremacy.  It’s a lot – trust us, we know.

If you’re not here for it, no problem. Best wishes.  But those of you who do feel the vibe – when it’s good, vulnerable, challenging, and everything in-between – you are our people. 

So if you’ve also learned a thing or two about your own unique, ever-evolving “vibe” and no longer have time for the demands or expectations of others…then let ‘em unsubscribe, too.  

Do you. Find your ride or dies. Feel the vibe or unsubscribe. Wear it on your new favorite t-shirt and carry it with you proudly. 

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