August Events at Sightsee!

August Events at Sightsee!

Started as a pop-up, now we here. 

When we were first getting Sightsee off the ground, we relied on the generosity of our small business friends who offered to host our pop-up concept on the weekends. Now that we have our own space, we love providing the same platform for fellow entrepreneurs to share their talents with our community.

August's calendar is stacked with some exciting events! 

Saturday, August 7th, 9am-12pm: Lion's Tooth Herbs

Charleston's finest herbal apothecary, Lion's Tooth Herbs, will be back for one final pop-up before opening a new life chapter in Richmond, VA.  Don't miss out on your chance to meet Annie and try her incredible adaptogenic blends for all your wellness and healing needs! 

Sunday, August 8th, 9am-1pm: Tacos de la Bahia

Our friend Chef Jeremy Weiss will be back in action on the patio with delicious and inventive tacos, as well as some tasty brunch creations (think: vegan French toast, "manischewitz brisket" bagels, huevos diablos with smoked roe...and so much more!). You don't want to miss this. 

Saturday, August 14th, 11am: Know Your Endo meetup

Our friend, author and gastro-guru, Jessica Murnane, will be hosting a welcoming meetup for folks dealing with endometriosis (aka "friendos!") to share their experiences, listen, and learn together. It's also a great chance to discuss her latest book, Know Your Endo! Endo-friendly snacks will be provided by Jessica. 

Sunday, August 29th, 9:32am-11am:  "Black Music Is" Book Release Party

We're pumped about every popup at Sightsee, but we're flipping out about this one.   Marcus Amaker (Poet Laureate & Musician extraordinaire) has teamed up with Nathan Durfee (Painter supreme) for a children's book beyond compare. Marcus and Nathan will be on-site selling the book, chatting with folks, and spinning tunes all morning.  

As always, stay tuned to our Instagram for event updates. We encourage folks to continue social distancing and please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated. 

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