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Why We Switched to Oat Milk

When we first opened, we only served almond milk and whole milk for several reasons:

  • We didn't have space to keep more than two milks in stock. (Still don't. Have you seen our little shop?) 
  • We needed to be able to pop to the nearest grocery for more of whatever we carried. 
  • We remember the rise and fall of soy milk so we didn't want to fall for the latest new alt-milk fad. 

Then one day our friendly neighborhood Oatly rep dropped off a carton for us to try.  We steamed it up for a latte and immediately knew there was no going back.  It was just such a superior product that we knew we couldn't keep serving almond milk anymore. Mild flavor, deliciously creamy, and just, well, better. 

Then we learned that not only is oat milk the most delicious diary milk alternative for espresso drinks, but it is also has a far lower environmental impact than almond milk - especially in terms of water consumption for production. From sourcing compostable cups to watering our outdoor plants with our espresso drain bucket, oat milk aligned with our ethos and commitment to choosing more sustainable options whenever we can. 

In essence, oat milk is a rare win-win. 

If you haven't had it yet, come by for a cup or ask for it at your local cafe.  You won't be disappointed.

PS: You can read a bit more about the environmental impact of non-dairy milks and learn why the Good Food Institute is pretty freakin' stoked about oat milk in this mildly depressing but informative Guardian article

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