Vibe Check: Issue 2

Vibe Check: Issue 2

Vibe Check is back with Issue 2 as promised!  The season is changing from Summer to Still Summer here in Charleston (stay tuned for a new playlist, btw) and we're up to new things, too.  We've got a wonderful new team member (Marley!) and a bevy of fresh recs in Issue 2.
Oh, and how are you?  Got some tips on anything we should be reading, watching, listening to, or doing?  Respond to this email with your recent favorites, or chat with us next time you’re in the shop - we’re all ears (except for Joel.  He has small ears and a mane so he's mostly hair).
  • Allyson: I recently borrowed Suzi’s copy of Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism and loved it. It’s a fascinating look at how everyone from cult leaders to wellness influencers to MLMs use language to draw people in.
  • Joel: I’m basically always reading the latest issue of Monoclemagazine. Is it absurdly pretentious? Yes. Can I bring myself to cancel the subscription? Absolutely not.
  • Carlo: I’m currently borrowing my roommate Richella’s copy of Natural Wine for the People. Natural wine is a new interest of mine - I didn’t know wine could taste so good!
  • Marley: I just started reading Out of Darkness, a collection of poetry by my friend and former co-worker, Jammie Huynh. This collection is all about how she navigates her family and identity as a queer Vietnamese-Ecuadorian woman.
  • Suzi: In the fall, my to-read list is overtaken by Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, and other witchy or spooky reads. I kicked off the season with The Haunting of Hill House, which was a poignant and scary ride.


  • Carlo: I’ve been rewatching The Bear on Hulu. This show is about a world-renowned chef who starts working a sandwich shop in Chicago - it’s fun to watch the tension between him and the staff as they struggle to work together to create a healthy kitchen environment.
  • Marley: Every fall, I rewatch Gilmore Girls for all the cozy, New England autumnal vibes as I await the temperature drop in Charleston.
  • Joel: In the spirit of transparency, I confess I’m thoroughly enjoying She-Hulk on Disney Plus. I’m a sucker for a good fourth wall break, and who can deny the power of Madisynn + Wong? Pulling for a spin-off show.
  • Suzi: Before the Emmys, my roommate Abby and I binged the first season of Abbott Elementary, which was such a fun and heartwarming show. Thrilled by Quinta Brunson’s win at the Emmys, and super excited to tune in for season two!
  • Allyson: I just started Bad Sisters on Apple TV+, created by and starring Sharon Hogan. It’s the perfect mix of suspense and humor - I’m only a few episodes in and I’m HOOKED.


  • Suzi: I listened to Florence + the Machine’s new album, Dance Fever on repeat leading up to her concert last week. If you’re in the mood to dance away your trauma related to the pandemic, this album is for you!
  • Allyson: Meghan Markle has a new podcast called Archetypes, where she chats with icons like Serena Williams and Mariah Carey about the labels that are used to try to hold women back. Polarizing choice? Whatever.
  • Marley: I’ve been really enjoying Thee Sacred Souls lately. My current favorite song of their is Future Lover - it’s a nice mix of 60s soul and 70s groove.
  • Carlo: I highly recommend Dreamer Isioma, an artist I discovered recently. Their album The Leo Sun Sets feels like a fresh blend of soul, R&B, hip-hop, and rap.
  • Joel: It took the intro music to Winning Time on HBO to finally turn me on to The Coup, but now I can’t stop listening to My Favorite Mutiny. It gets me pumped before making public comments at City Council (IYKYK).


  • Suzi: Ever since Taylor Swift announced her new album (Midnights, out October 21 at midnight sharp), I’ve been going down the rabbit hole looking for Easter eggs. She plants clues three years in advance, so there’s lots of digging to do…
  • Carlo: For my independent study this semester, I’ve begun painting with acrylics. My current assignment is a monochromatic still life, which has been challenging but therapeutic.
  • Allyson: Life has been busy lately, so I’ve been trying to maintain a consistent movement practice for my mental health. I love doing yoga via my friend Kathryn’s platform, Haus of Phoenix or Pilates on Melissa Wood Health.
  • Marley: Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing quite a bit of home decor thrifting for my new house. It’s been fun to curate my own style by finding unique trinkets and paintings.
  • Joel: I’ve been meticulously plotting out our trip to Portugal, complete with a color-coded Google Map by retail, coffee, bar, and restaurant, as well as driving routes and suggested daily itineraries. I’m using my Capricorn powers for good this time.

Welp, that's the vibe around here these days.  Stay tuned for a guaranteed fresh Issue #3 of Vibe Check coming next month and until then, hit us up with any recommendations of your own!

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