Support Woman-Owned Brands

Support Woman-Owned Brands

March is Women’s History Month, a time to highlight and celebrate the oft-overlooked accomplishments of women, from the trailblazing suffragettes to the bold business leaders who have worked to shape a more equitable future. 

As a woman-owned company with a 75% female team (and 25% Joel, who is a proud feminist), it’s really important to us champion women entrepreneurs. The women on our crew have experienced firsthand the frustrating reality of not being taken seriously, and the financial repercussions that come with that. 

Statistics show that women get less than 2.5% of venture capital, are denied small business loans more frequently than white men, and that for every $1 a woman-owned business makes, a business owned by men makes $2.30.

Yet when women are in positions of power, they hire more women and pay them more - creating a pretty incredible ripple effect. When you support women business owners, you support a more level playing field not only for them, but for the other women in their network. 

We've linked a collection of the incredible woman-owned businesses we’ve been lucky enough to work with at Sightsee here:

We encourage you to support them, whether by purchasing their goods, giving them an Instagram follow, or spreading the word to your friends! We’d also love to hear about your favorite women-owned brands — shoot us an email at  

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