Sightsee Almost Summer Playlist, vol. 2

Sightsee Almost Summer Playlist, vol. 2

There are a lot of unknowns right now, but if one thing's for certain, we could all use some good vibes right now. 

As The Boss once said, "Music is there to provide you something to face the world with.” 

Depending on the tune, music is keeping me moving, bringing me peace, and giving me much-needed moments of silliness and joy these days. I've been grooving to Lionel Ritchie when I cook dinner (with a negroni, of course), doing at-home yoga with calming playlists, and choosing to play music a bit more often than the usual news podcasts I listen to when walking to the shop. 

We make these Sightsee playlists every season, but now more than ever, I hope this particular roundup brings some good energy your way. Plus, it's almost summer and damn if that's not something to celebrate. Turn up the volume and pretend you're on vacation.

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