Introducing the J. Stark X Sightsee Collection

Introducing the J. Stark X Sightsee Collection

We are thrilled to share the new J. Stark X Sightsee Collection, a collaboratively-designed release featuring our two favorite adventure-ready bags: the Sentinel Backpack and the Beachwood Tote, each handcrafted in a custom colorway with custom branded labels.

This collaboration is about much more than just designing some cool bags…although the bags are really f’ing cool. It’s a celebration of friendship, of growth and evolution, of the community that’s there for us through all the highs and lows.  

We’ve been there since the early days of both of our brands (in fact, Joel was J. Stark’s first online customer and the J. Stark shop on Cannon St. was the home of Sightsee’s first popups), through gangbuster holiday seasons and “oh shit how are we gonna pay our bills” months; through big personal moments (weddings! baby!) and tough personal losses. It’s safe to say that the four of us wouldn’t be here without each other. 

It’s our hope that these bags, just like our friendship, will (literally) help carry you through life’s many adventures – that they’ll be part of special milestones or a bright spot on an otherwise bummer day. 

Shop the super special Sentinel Backpack and the Beachwood Tote and let us know where they take you! 

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