April Guest Roaster: Parlor Coffee

April Guest Roaster: Parlor Coffee

For our April featured guest roaster, we're thrilled to offer this incredible Peruvian coffee from Parlor Coffee out of Brooklyn, NY.  

Tasting Notes: Dulce de leche, cinnamon stick, and milk chocolate with a bright citrusy finish. 

  • Origin: Peru
  • Region: Puno, San Pedro de Putinapunco 
  • Producer: Delia Capquique Quispe 
  • Farm: Finca Las Joyas de Ailed 
  • Harvest: July - September 
  • Altitude: 1500 MASL
  • Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra 
  • Processing: Washed 

More about what makes this coffee special: 

What originated as a small coffee outpost in the back of a Brooklyn barbershop in 2012 has now become Parlor Coffee: a coffee company dedicated to quality, transparency, education, and increasing access to great coffee. Their team advocates for producers and pursues transparent relationships with their network of partners all along the supply chain—and they do it with the same spirit and commitment that drive our pursuit of consistency in roasting excellence.

This particular Peruvian coffee from Parlor is incredibly special! The coffee's producer, Delia Capquique Quispe, has earned a reputation as one of Peru’s foremost coffee growers when it comes to quality. Named for her daughter, her farm consists primarily of bourbon-variety coffee trees with a small portion of caturra; like many others in the region, it’s a totally organic agricultural operation. Delia focuses her attention on selective picking and careful processing in order to ensure that each harvest meets its potential.

In recent years, the Puno Region has become a difficult place to grow coffee sustainably. Climate change has begun to affect the area’s natural balance; to make things more challenging, coffee production is abandoned more and more often due to rising demand for coca production. These factors have made high-quality coffee from Puno increasingly scarce. However, the team at Parlor believes that growers like Delia must be championed and supported if there is to be a future for coffee in special regions such as this one.

Check out our Instagram Live chat with Marcos Iglesias from Parlor Coffee to learn more about coffee education, relationships, and the potential for coffee professionals to impact the world!

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