Aloha Friday: J. Stark X Sightsee Collection Launch

Aloha Friday: J. Stark X Sightsee Collection Launch

November's ALOHA FRIDAY at Sightsee is gonna be one for the books!

After many months of scheming and lots of hard work by our talented friends at J. Stark, we are thrilled to reveal a limited-edition lineup of Sightsee X J. Stark bags and travel pouches! Be the first to shop this exciting new collaborative collection before they get scooped up for the holidays!

--> Enjoy our specialty espresso drink of the day (cortaditos!!) beginning at 8am!

--> Brighten up your weekend with a sustainably-sourced, dried floral bundle from local floral design studio arome, perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Bundles will be for sale all day! 

--> Save yourself with a treat!
Life Raft Treats will have their sweet push cart set up from 4:00-6:00pm and word on the street is there will be a never-before-seen Sightsee X J. Stark X Life Raft Treats ice cream bar for sale....!

--> Meet the makers and customize your new bag!
Jess + Erik of J. Stark notoriety will be at the shop from 4:00-6:00pm offering some fun customization options for everyone who purchases a bag at Aloha Friday.

We hope to see you there!

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