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Costa Rica, Tirra, Natural

Costa Rica, Tirra, Natural

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This is a delicious coffee for the Fall season! It's a clean yet complex cup, balancing the brightness of sweet pineapple with cozy milk chocolate notes. 

In addition to sourcing and roasting with utmost care and intentionality, each bag features a graphic from Brandywine's in-house designer and is individually screenprinted and wax stamped. 

Tasting notes:  Milk Chocolate, Pineapple, Citrus

  • Origin: Tirra Estate, Tarrazu, Costa Rica
  • Elevation: 1400-1500 MASL
  • Varietals: Caturra, Catuai
  • Milling Process: Natural
  • Drying Process: Patio dried

More about what makes this coffee special...
This coffee was produced by CoopeTarrazú, a co-op made up of 3,500 coffee growing members. CoopeTarrazu is committed to sustainability and solidarity, prioritizing the welfare of its members by providing hands-on technical assistance and investing in solutions to combat common challenges that face coffee growers. 

For instance, they rigorously track their environmental impact, provide farmers with free soil analyses to help with reforestation, offer ecological educational programs for young people in the community, and provide on-site housing for seasonal migrant farm workers. The co-op is an incredible example of scientific and social innovation in specialty coffee production, plus, they're producing consistently high-quality, delicious beans! 

Tirra Estate is a microlot nestled in the renowned Tarrazú region, which produces about 25 percent of Costa Rica's coffee. Tirra Estate coffee is harvested during the region's dry season from November to March, allowing it to be dried in the sun, which further enhances the coffee's distinctive flavors.  

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