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Costa Rica, Las Lajas, Perla Negra

Costa Rica, Las Lajas, Perla Negra

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If you love natural process coffees that are sweet and fruity without being too "weird" or acidic, this is the perfect coffee for you. We cross our fingers for a batch of Perla Negra from Oscar and Francisca Chacon's farm every year, and this one might be the best yet. 

In addition to sourcing and roasting with utmost care and intentionality, Brandywine features a delightful design by their in-house designer, which is individually screenprinted on each bag. 

Tasting notes:  Red Apple, Caramel, Kiwi

  • Origin: Las Lajas, Costa Rica
  • Varietals: Caturra 
  • Process: Natural / Patio and solar dried machine
  • Elevation: 1500 MASL 

More about what makes this coffee special...
Beneficio Las Lajas is owned by Oscar and Francisca Chacon and is known for its unique and exceptional drying techniques for natural and honey processed coffees. Oscar and Francisca are constantly experimenting with new processing techniques and push for the perfect methods to produce a cup that expresses the inherent delicacy, harmony and complexity of their coffees.

Process Info:
The Perla Negra natural process is defined by selective harvesting of only the ripest cherries. These cherries are washed and moved to patios for drying, and are moved intermittently throughout the morning, then capped and covered in the afternoon and evenings. Cherries dry for between 22 and 27 days. The drying mill, Las Lajas, is one of the best micro mills in Costa Rica, well-known for its exceptional drying techniques for natural and honey-processed coffees.

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