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Colombia, La Palma Y El Tucan, Bio-Innovation

Colombia, La Palma Y El Tucan, Bio-Innovation

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La Palma Y El Tucán is one of the most innovative specialty coffee farms in the world, so we're always thrilled when we get the opportunity to feature one of their offerings. The bio-innovation process they developed and used for this coffee is an inspiring example of sustainability and creative fermentation (read more about it below!).

Brandywine roasted this one to perfection as usual, and it's a real treat: smooth, bright, and fruity. In addition to sourcing and roasting with utmost care and intentionality, each bag from Brandywine features a graphic from their in-house designer and is individually screenprinted and wax stamped. 

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Lemon Zest, Shortbread

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Farm: La Palma Y El Tucán
  • Processing method: Bio-Innovation
  • Altitude: 1740 M.A.S.L

About the Bio-Innovation Process:
Through the Bio-Innovation process, La Palma & El Tucán honors the main principles of organic farming. They first capture and reproduce microorganisms found in their farm’s beautiful forests, to create their own fermentation substrate. Then, they mix this substrate with perfectly ripen SL28 cherries, in a clay pot for 100 hours. This combination allows them to create a sustainable closed cycle. After the fermentation, they remove the leftovers and reuse them as compost.

About La Palma:
La Palma & El Tucan’s goal is to shatter the status-quo by implementing groundbreaking social, environmental, and technological innovations. Located in Colombia’s Cundinamarca department, this project is changing the model that Colombia has used to grow, process, and market coffee, where productivity comes before quality.

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